Best Portsmouth Sports Pubs and Bars

Taken a trip to Portsmouth for the day, but realised the beach forecast is wall to wall rain? Or whether you're part of the Pompey faithful who can't make it to Fratton Park? How about taking retreat in one of the best sports pubs in Portsmouth. MatchPint have provided the solution, just tap in your location and we'll provide all the bars and pubs Portsmouth has to offer near you showing sport live on TV. With a delightful beer in hand, it's positively guaranteed to be better than a soggy afternoon on the sands of the south coast. And god forbid, you manage to catch a ray of sunshine or two, MatchPint will let you know where to find a spot with a decent beer garden.

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The bizarre yet uniquely titled ‘UK’s only city on an island’, Portsmouth sadly may not be able to boast the Premier League status and FA Cup champs of previous years. However that's not disheartened their fans who exhibit a real passion for the club they love (and actually own). The south coast city has a large naval influence, and whether you're on the lookout for a cosy little tavern or a swanky sports bar MatchPint have the comprehensive list of where to catch all the live sport. If you find yourself a bit further down the beach, how about checking out pubs and bars in Southampton.