Best Sports Bars in Nottingham

Robin Hood, Nottingham's most famous son, stole from the rich and gave to the poor; so too does MatchPint seek to help those of us unable to keep up with the spiralling costs of Sky subscription by providing a free service for punters wanting to watch the action in the pub. So if you're in Nottingham, and can't decide where to watch the footy or rugger on match day with rest of your merry men, simply type in where you are and MatchPint will direct you to the best pub in that area. The app will also tell you whether the game is being shown in HD, 3D or 5D (OK, maybe not that last one), and crucially what other punters think of the establishment.

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As the UK's best pub finder, we are dedicated to helping you find the very best pubs for a cracking matchday experience. We have all the info on the very best pubs near you as well as how many screens, whether there's HD, what the menu is like and, crucially, if they are playing the commentary. If that's not enough, we'll also tell you specifically what fixture is being shown on the screen, and not just if the pub has Sky Sports; that way, you won't pitch up expecting to see Nottingham Forrest in action only to discover the curling is on (mind you, curling is pretty damn exciting...) Anyway, we've handpicked a few bars in Nottingham that we reckon tick all the boxes for you sports-loving punters. If you're in the area, use MatchPint, the UK's best pub finder, to make sure you don't miss a minute of your favourite sporting events.