Best Sports Pubs and Bars in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough, home of the mighty Boro, a properly boss bridge, and all sorts of sweet chemical works is a fiercely proud sporting town. Whilst it's fair to say it's not the UK's most popular tourist destination, we've compiled this list of the best sports bars the town has to offer for anyone who happens to find themselves there and in dire need of a place to catch the game. Below you'll find a bunch of the best sports pubs in Middlesbrough. Either browse through manually or search by location, clicking on each venue will offer key info on what to expect if you head in there and crucially, whether they serve parmos. Not bad eh? UP THE SMOGGIES!

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Come to the Boro and watch a game in the hometown of the great Chris Kamara! You may understandably find yourself a bit overwhelmed by such a prospect but fortunately we're here to sort out the wheat from the chaff in terms of pubs. On this page you'll find some the best boozers Teesside has to offer. You can use MatchPint for a whole manner of purposes, including finding a pub showing a particular game, sorting out a bar with a specific amount of screens or locating a pub that will welcome you with your dog! And because MatchPint is conveniently present all over the UK, if you're likely to be heading out to nearby towns you might need to also check out our best sports pubs in Newcastle page.