Best Sports Bars and Pubs in London

There's little to say about London that you can't find out in a 'Fancy that of London': its expensive and full of tourists wielding terrible handbags. This being said we absolutely love the place and it's home to over 5000 pubs and bars; the majority of which show live sport, meaning you will never be short of good quality boozers to really get settled in on match day. It can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing what's best for you and as a result we've chosen some of the best pubs in London that show live sport on TV. There's a fine mix of pubs here and they're well spread across the city so you're guaranteed to find one near you. If we've left out one of your faves why not drop us an email and say so at

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With the capital being home to thousands of pubs and bars showing sports and several football teams namely, it can get a little overwhelming to run around to find where to watch the game. If you want to find out which venue supports your team, shows the game in 3D or just find a pub showing the rugby rather than footy or vice versa, you're on the right page. Plus, we've kindly created a selection to help you find the little gems that you may not know about. So we're pointing them at to you and opening the doors to what we think are the coolest venues to watch the game. Find the best venues in your area by simply entering your postcode your location. Or explore all of our sports pubs in London and enjoy the game with comfy seats and a good cold pint.