Best Sports Pubs in Leeds

Though Leeds may not have a Premier League team like they did in the nineties (a golden age devoid of Joe Hart's anti-dandruff commercials), it can boast the Leeds Rhinos (many-time Super League champions) and of course Headlingly cricket ground. All of this you may know, but you may not know where the best sports bars and pubs are in Leeds that are showing all this action. That's where we come in. If you're not content with just searching for the nearest pub to you showing live sport on theĀ sports barsĀ page, then check out our list below for our compilation of the best sports pubs in Leeds. We've come up with three beauties so far and we will of course be adding to the list as we go along.

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Leeds is a city with a serious passion for sport. Whether it's the mighty Leeds United, Super League's perennial champions The Rhino's or Geoffrey Boycott's beloved Yorkshire Cricket Club you want to see in action, there are dozens of fantastic pubs and bars to catch them at, from trendy wine bars on Call Lane to cosy locals out in Otley. Use MatchPint to find the nearest pubs showing the action as well as the one most suited to you by checking out how many screens they have, whether they are a BT Sport bar and even whether they will have the commentary on or not. Here's some of our current favourites from the city, but give us a shout on if you think there are any sports bars or pubs that deserve to be added to the list.