Best Sports Bars and Pubs in Harrogate

Best known as the 'The English Spa', Harrogate is also the home to many sports team in various disciplines. Whilst you'll struggle to catch many of them at TV, it doesn't mean this small and quaint North Yorkshire spot isn't sport crazy and a great place to enjoy some athletic action in the pub. As such, here are the best sports bars in Harrogate to enjoy a whole manner of cricket, rugby, footy, tennis and more in. Recognised as the third most romantic tourist spot in the world, let us tempt you with our thoughtfully arranged bouquet of best venues to watch a good game in. Forget Parisian lights and Venitian boats, grab a nice cold pint in Harrogate and bed down with a big screen for company.

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Don't let the pristine RHS gardens, regal showgrounds and spas fool you, you are allowed to visit pubs as well when you visit Harrogate. Here is a list of our best pubs to watch sports in with a pint in hand in North Yorkshire. We have every faith in the fact that you can still click on each venue to find out all the details you need to watch the game in the best possible way. Enter your postcode to find out which of Harrogate's finest pubs are closest to you or simply peruse the page manually. For each venue you can click to discover their upcoming fixtures and everything you might need to know about watching sport their from how many TVs they've got, what sort of food to expect and even if dogs are welcome. For those of you likely to be using Harrogate as a base you might want to check out our list of pubs in Leeds.



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