Best Sports Bars and Pubs in Glasgow

One of the greatest rivalries in football takes place in this fine Scottish city, with Rangers and Celtic constantly battling for top dog. At least they used to be, could be a while before we see the men in blue kicking about in the first division. Even so the city is still home to some good sporting fixtures and naturally; a fair few pubs to watch them in. Mozey on down the page and check out the pubs that we've suggested for you, complete with detailed information and customer reviews along with the fixtures that they'll be showing. 

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In the beautiful city of Glasgow, many pubs will show the great selection of sporting events happening around you. As the N°1 pub finder in the UK, MatchPint also selects for you all the best sports bars in Glasgow. If you want to watch the game on a large HD screen, in a comfortable booth while munching on a good meaty burger, or whatever you fancy really you can find it all on here. Simply enter your location and browse through our list of selected top venues and check them out individually for more details. It's pretty simple, and you are guaranteed to watch the football, rugby or any game you want, the way you want to.