Best Pubs and Sports Bars in Chester

Instead of taking in its famous zoo or hunting Welshmen with a bow (yes, you're legally allowed to), why not explore the best sports pubs in Chester? This picturesque city may not seem like the sporting capital of the North-West, but just as the Cheshire Cat proved to us, things are not always as they seem. There are a great selection of bars in Chester showing every game, race or matchup you could want. It maybe less adventurous, but probably a smidge safer, to watch a game in a fine boozer, rather than go on a Taffy hunt armed with medieval ballistics. Also of note the mighty Chester FC may have just started out in life but are definitely worth a watch when they're on the box. As long as you're warm and cosy with a pint, however, we're fine.

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Because we don't all want the same atmosphere and experience to watch the game, MatchPint has selected an array of the best sports pubs in Chester for your delectation. Although the charm of the city makes it very pleasant to take a little wander, it can also be super useful to know where you're going and what to expect, especially when kick off is looming. That's why we're here. The process is pretty straight forward, type in your postcode or simply click through the various boozers manually to see what we consider to be the best venues in town. By clicking on them, find out whether the match is in 3D, on an HD screen, or even if you can grab a bite to eat there during the game. If you're likely to be travelling around the area why not check out our pubs in Manchester?