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Boasting two major football teams and a good number of quality top-flight rugby sides; South Wales is emerging into what seems like a Golden era in terms of sporting glory. If you find yourself kicking about in Cardiff but unable to actually watch the game in one of the city's fine arenas, why not head down to one of the many top pubs that are showing it live on TV? Here at MatchPint, the UK's No.1 pub finder, we've provided a list of the best sports bars and pubs in Cardiff below, including some of the best rugby pubs in Wales. Simply click on one to give you all the information you'd ever need. Looking for your nearest sports bar in Cardiff?

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With top teams in both football and rugby, Cardiff sure knows how to offer you a good show. You can expand that to Wales and enjoy their performance at the 6 Nations, or simply watch football with a nice cold one in hand. MatchPint is here to help you not only find venues that are showing the game, but also has selected the best ones for you. So whether it's 3D, a beer garden or a nice meal you're after to go with your game and drink, we tell you where to go to make sure you have a cracking time in Cardiff.

Eli Jenkins

Eli Jenkins

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This busting sports bar down by the Cardiff docks is blessed with a glorious front patio that's a dream in the summer. No matter what the weather there's plenty for everyone to enjoy. Inside the Eli Jenkins is littered with screens to see the game on and boasts some excellent value match day offers on food and drink.
The Old Market Tavern

The Old Market Tavern

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Just a few minutes walk past the Millenium Stadium lies the Old Market Tavern. Old is certainly apt, the building was knocked together over 400 years ago, it now houses hundreds of happy sports fans each week. Great value drinks and all the best action live on their big screens make this a popular haunt.
2 corona or Bulmers original for £6
2 bombs for £6
4 shots for £6
10 jager for £20
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2 craft bottles/cans for £7
doubles £1.25
2 gins for £5
241 cocktails
burger and a drink
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249 meals
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