Best Sports Pubs and Bars in Birmingham

Hosting four major football teams and being home to the rioutous atmosphere that comes along with Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham is full to the brim of sporting prowess and heritage. If you're a Brummie or just happen to be visiting for a weekend, make sure you take a look at some of its great bars and pubs showing sport live on TV to get a real feel for the atmosphere of this vibrant city. Whip the postcode of where you are into the searchbox or even just the fixture you're looking for and MatchPint will give you the nearest pubs to you showing the match and the distance to each one. MatchPint also offers information on whether the pub is showing the match in HD, whether it has an outside area and things of that nature. Easy as you like.

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Looking for the best sport pubs in Birmingham? Don't worry you are exactly on the right page. It's pretty straight forward, simply enter your postcode or the location of your choice and let us tell you all about the best venues around you or your chosen area.  As a very sporty city, we can't really leave you hanging in Birmingham without any guidance. So many pubs, so many cheering Brummies, thankfully MatchPint is here. Find out everything about the best bars showing the game, any upcoming fixture and all the details you need to make the most of your sports wacthing experience. Enjoy! 

Horse & Jockey

Horse & Jockey

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Well loved community pub boasting great value food and drink as well as Sky and BT Sports.