Best Bath Sports Pubs and Bars

Bath, famous for having a massive Roman bath, as well as a fairly decent rugby team, have got loads of pubs and bars where you can watch live Champions League, Superbowl and tonnes of other sports. We've picked out a few delightful little spots for you on the list below. If you're looking for a more extensive list of pubs in Bath then click here. MatchPint are dedicated to showing you to the best pubs and bars across the country, however if you think we've missed one or two send an email our way at [email protected]

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The beautiful city of Bath immersed in rich history, impressive architecture and a love for sport. If you've taken a nice little trip out to the spa city, or you're a lucky resident, we can hook you up with a cosy little inn or a modern sports bar. Which ever you'd prefer! The beauty of the MatchPint pub finder is that you can search for pubs, by location, by match or by the pub name. Perfect for when you know which venue you're heading to, but you're not quite sure of how to get there!

If you're on the outskirts of Bath and can't find any pubs nearby, how about searching for sports bars in Bristol.

Belushis Bath
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Belushis Bath

13 screens and 2 whopping great projectors mean these guys are serious about sport.

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