Best pubs and bars showing the boat race 2018

Looking for a pub to use as a base for the day as you enjoy the thrilling excitement of the ancient aquatic battle between Oxford and Cambridge University? We've hand picked a number of the best pubs along the route of the Boat Race, that are slightly off the beaten track, but are close enough to the water meaning you can settle in for the day, shoot out to see the boats go past and get back in to watch the finale on the TV with a delicious pint in hand. 

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As the weather turns for the better and we all start to smash indiscriminate amounts of chocolate ovals into our slathering gobs, there's one sporting event in the capital where you simply must whack on a boater, a pair of unfeasibly expensive wellys and head down to Fulham for a good old knees up with Rollo, Berty and Jermimah. The Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge is a day practically designed for spending down the pub smashing in indecent amounts of booze before yelling the brave lads in leotards on towards the finish line.


We've compiled a fine list of the best pubs showing the Boat Race that lie along the banks of the Thames meaning you can settle down for the day, nip out to catch some of the action live on the river and retreat afterwards for more pitchers of mead and a good old knees up. The pubs here are slightly off the beaten track meaning there's half a chance you'll be able to grab a seat and see a screen during the big race but still get good and close to things meaning you'll soak up all the atmosphere and fun as Oxbridge duke it out for bragging rights in old London town.


There are always heaps of pubs showing the boat race and if you're not so fortunate to able to nip down to Chelsea for the event live, you can find your nearest bar with it live on TV right here. Just click the link and enter your location.



An absolute classic in the heart of Fulham. Every year, they host a festival for the race, and it is certainly not to be missed. Foodstalls, great drinks on offer, and the best atmosphere in town. Get down to the Crabtree for the race!
The Cross Keys

The Cross Keys

Again, a great place for watching the whole race unfold with quick access to the river if you want to see the crews flash past near the half way point. Widely regarded as James May's favourite pub (which we understand may simply turn some people away before they've arrived), the Cross Keys is full of charm and character with a lovely beer garden in which to enjoy the early evening spring sunshine once the race is won and the battle is over.