Best Poland Pubs

In the last decade the UK opened its doors to our Polish brethren and there are now thought to be over 800,000 ethnic Poles enjoying life, sport and pubs in the UK. Like any fine nation Poland loves its sport meaning there's plenty of people looking for a spot to cheer on their famous football, basketball and ice hockey sides. Below is the list of the best pubs to watch Poland kick it about that are bound to be packed with friendly folk enjoying the game with a beer and enquiring at the bar for a kielbasa to chew on.

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The Belvedere, halfway down Acton High Street is a bit of a Mecca for Polish sports fans in London. Always at its best when The White Eagles are playing, this place packs a cracking atmosphere on game day. 5 HD screens and 2 projectors mean you'll always have a perfect view as well.