Pubs Showing Liverpool Live on TV

When will it be Liverpool's year? After the Brendolution soared then failed, we're now onto Klopp, who's finding life on Merseyside as topsy-turvey as those who've gone bfore. Who knows what will happen? Whatever does, however, is bound to be thrilling to watch. All the more reason to get down to a pub and catch them with a beer in hand - you can find the best Liverpool pubs and bars to watch the action in right here. Finding a pub showing Liverpool shouldn't be too hard, but if you want to find the best pubs screening Liverpool play and places in London where Scousers like to congregate on match day follow the tips below. With the help of our cracking pub finder you'll see the best spots showing Premier League footy live.

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Check here for top pubs in London that are Liverpool FC friendly. YNWA!


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