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Best Sports Bars and Pubs showing Live US Sports

Every year, people up and down the country scour their locals to find pubs showing NFL action and plenty of other US sports. Who can blame them? American sports such as American football, basketball and baseball are growing in popularity in the UK fast, so there's every chance if you head to one of these bars you'll not be alone in catching some fine action. So which are the best sports bars in which to watch live NFL in the UK in? Here are our top US Sports pubs and bars showing American Football and other US Sports on TV in Britain.


Sports Bars and Sports Pubs

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Carlsberg Sports Bar

The Casino At The Empire
5-6 Leicester Square

02034 110 735
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Carlsberg Sports Bar - Sports Bar in London More Info

Huge sports bar inside the Empire Casino. Whilst the decor is slick as can be and the grub's pretty good, all you really need to know is that it's open 24 hours a day. Perfect for all you night owls in need of a screen showing something in the wee hours.

Belushis and The Dugout

161-165 Borough High Street
London Bridge

02079 399 700
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Belushis and The Dugout - Sports Bar in London 2 for 1 Heineken During the Rugby

A bazillion screens, almost as many satellite boxes and online packages, plus late licensing hours make this a must visit for any US sports fan in London. This American themed sports bunker have the friendliest staff around and will always go out of their way to help put on games for fans.

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