Located in North London, Barnet is home to a whopping 380k people, plenty of which are no doubt mad about their sports. On this page you'll find a fully searchable list of sports bars and pubs in Barnet. Simply scroll down the list or navigate around the map to see which great sporting watering holes are nearby. You can click on each pub on the list to find out all sorts of useful information. We'll tell you what they're going to be showing this week, what the menu is like, whether they have any exclusive rewards running through the MatchPint app and much, much more. Whether it's catching the mighty Bees play when they're on the box or local rugby heavyweights Saracens, Barnet will no doubt have a cracking boozer to suit all your needs.

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There are few worse things in life - charging around town trying to locate a boozer that is showing the game you desperately want to see. With more and more sports vying for TV attention these days its a problem that's only going to get worse. MatchPint exists to soothe that pain. Think of us as your best mate for sport in pubs - we'll find you a bar definitely showing the game, we'll book you a table if you like and get you in a free pint when you arrive. Not bad eh? We believe that sport is a thousand times better when viewed with mates, so don't hesitate to find a great pub in Barnet showing the next big game, get in touch with your chums and make an afternoon of it. Likely to be travelling outside North West London in search of games? Our list of great sports bars in Camden may of some use.


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