Sport Pubs and Bars in Alfreton

Welcome to the best pubs in Alfreton page on MatchPint! Are you looking to find somewhere to tuck in and watch your favourite team on the box? Well, this is the page for you. Scroll down to find all the best pubs in Alfreton. On here you can find pubs opening hours, see loads of pictures to find out what the pub's vibe is. Even look at booking a space for you and your mates. Don't fancy Alfreton, why not take a jaunt into the city, check out our best pubs in Sheffield page here...

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Welcome to the Alfreton MatchPint page. Right in the heart of the Amber Valley, Derbyshire. Home to Alfreton Town FC, this charming little town houses loads of little cracking sports bars for your viewing pleasure. Alfreton is home to some quirky sports. It has a wrestling heritage, with legends such asĀ  Big Daddy, Jackie Pallo and Blackjack Mulligan making appearances. Alfreton Town Cricket Club also holds a place in the hearts of the Townsfolk.


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