Find Best Sports Bars and Pubs in Aberdeen with MatchPint

So you're in the city a certain Sir Alex Fegurson cut his teeth in? And you want to find out which spots he said were the Best Pubs in Aberdeen to watch the SPL? You've come to the right place.. well not entirely, Sir Alex hasn't responded to our 36 emails on the matter. Having said that, he's not really an expert in the field of Great Pubs showing Sport, so take our word for it and feast your eyes on the set of pubs below. Using the best pub finder in Britain is pretty simple, just go to the homepage from here and pick the game you want to see, it'll then give you the best sports bars showing that particular sports match.

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Whether you're a local to Aberdeen or, you're on a away trip to Pittordrie Stadium, this stunning city has more great sports bars then you can shake a stick at. To find sports pubs in Aberdeen though, it hasn't always been easy, at least until the arrival of MatchPint, the best sports pub finder this side of Beijing. While in Aberdeen, there are times when there isn't sport in the pub, you can go to their world class golf course which hosted the 2005 UK Open. Theres also some quality rugby that can be found using the sports pub finder.


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