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Best Pubs and Sports Bars in Manchester

So you're in Manchester; it's raining (obviously), and you're desperately trying to find a pub showing the Man Utd v Man City derby. Sound familiar? Well, fortunately MatchPint is here to put a stop to all that nonsense. Get your iPhone out and simply type in the match you want to watch and the UK's best pub finder will point you in the right direction. We've got a cracking selection of watering holes in the Manchester area to ensure no punter is left pub-less or pint-less, because as we all know, watching sport on your own at home is pointless. MatchPint will also tell you all you need to know about the pub you choose to watch the game in; whether it has a beer garden, an outdoor TV screen and even whether the sound will be on. 


Sports Bars and Sports Pubs

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5 Nicholas St

M1 4HL

0161 2371233
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Quite simply if there is a sporting fixture somewhere in the world we will try to find it for you.
Seven Oaks - Sports Bar in Manchester

A cracking pub that has its priorities well and truly in order. Sport (lots of it), good beer and decent grub you can eat with your fingers are the key staples of this boozer located just a minute away from the city centre's Piccadilly Gardens central hub. Four screens, gourmet burgers and hot dogs as well as free bloody WiFi make this a real favourite Get down and check it out.

144 Deansgate

M3 3EE

0161 839 9035
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Lost Dene, Deansgate - Sports Bar in Manchester

This pub shows everything from tiddlywinks to tennis, with three skyboxes primed and ready to satisfy even the most niche of sporting pallets. And by gum is it well located, bang smack in the middle of Manchester's busiest hubs. If that isn't enough for you, the booze and food are very reasonably priced too.

421-423 Oxford Road

M13 9WG

0161 273 1490
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Oxford - Sports Bar in Manchester

Don't be fooled by the overtones of academia in the name, this pub is made for sports fans. The list of channels is longer than Andy Carrol's ponytail, and the atmosphere is always spine tingling.

126 Grosvenor Street

M1 7HL

0161 273 1471
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Pub/Zoo Manchester - Sports Bar in Manchester

Combining two places in one, the Pub/Zoo is guaranteed to meet your demands. Food and drink are served until at least 10pm, and the amount of live sport on the telly is enough to make any sports punter go weak at the knees. It's also in a great location, with a fantastic mix of students and locals popping in and out for their daily dose of Sky Sports entertainment.

Grosvenor Street

M1 7DZ

0161 275 9164
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Footage - Sports Bar in Manchester

Set in an old cinema, this pub has literally put sport on the big screen. It has two massive ones, and two sky boxes to ensure clashes are avoided. There is also a fantastic outdoor balcony which provides the best view for the footy or whatever is being shown. The bar food is delicious, and the beer on tap is some of the best in the whole of Manchester.

Elliott Street

M29 8DS

01942 891832
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After a warm welcome you can sit down with a pint in your hand and enjoy your sport of choice. If you want it on, we'll put it on, so just come in and ask.
Last Orders - Sports Bar in Manchester

With 7 screens and live sport shown in 3D, look no further than Last Orders on the Chorley Road for your match day pub outing. With everything from Sky Sports to At the Races on show, this pub caters for the needs of every pub-going sports fan. There is also a superb range of ales and lagers to quench your thirst, and a better than decent food menu. Don't miss it.

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