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Best Sports Pubs and Bars in Birmingham

Hosting four major football teams and being home to the rioutous atmosphere that comes along with Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham is full to the brim of sporting prowess and heritage. If you're a Brummie or just happen to be visiting for a weekend, make sure you take a look at some of its great bars and pubs showing sport live on TV to get a real feel for the atmosphere of this vibrant city. Whip the postcode of where you are into the searchbox or even just the fixture you're looking for and MatchPint will give you the nearest pubs to you showing the match and the distance to each one. MatchPint also offers information on whether the pub is showing the match in HD, whether it has an outside area and things of that nature. Easy as you like.


Sports Bars and Sports Pubs

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109 High Street

B17 9NP

0121 4283121
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Harborne Stores - Sports Bar in Birmingham

A thoroughbred sports pub, the Harborne Stores is situated right on the High Street in Harborne. Fully equipped with a 3D TV and multiple sky boxes so you can't miss any of the action, it makes a great place for a good value pint and some pretty excellent food aswell. Tuck in

10 Gosta Green

B4 7ER

0121 503 5811
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Sack Of Potatoes - Sports Bar in Birmingham

Situated in the vibrant heart of the university campus, the Sack of Potatoes attracts a mixed crowd comprised of anything ranging from your laziest student to you're high profile businessman, giving it a good atmosphere. Essentially a nice place to grab a pint in front of the footy.

Bristol Road

B5 7SW

0121 471 2672
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Gun Barrels - Sports Bar in Birmingham

Great value delicious food and cheap beer alongside live sport on TV make this a great place for your honest sports fan. If you're nearby, aim for this fine establishment; it's loaded with potential.

277 High Street

West Bromwich
B70 8ND

0121 5802618
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Goose West Bromwich - Sports Bar in West Bromwich

Boasting a pool table, good food, and footy live on the big screen; the Goose is a great place to wet your sporting beak. The beer is good value as well which just about rounds off this fine establishment in our books. Why not check it out yourself?

182 Corporation Street
City Centre

B4 6UD

0121 236 7318
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Crown Hotel - Sports Bar in Birmingham

The sporting enthusiast's dream, the Crown Hotel is the cream of sports pubs with 5 large plasma screens and a superbly stocked cellar of booze to keep you happy no matter the fixture. It also has ruddy excellent food; well worth a visit if you're in the area.

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